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Created01.10.2015 19:05

Meint Postma (Unknown) 01.10.2015 19:08
Hello community,

For school i'm making an presentation about GIANTS editor (and GIANTS software).

My question is: What can I tell about GIANTS editor and the company GIANTS?

In the presentation I have a lot off things what you could do with GIANTS editor etc.. But what can I tell more about GIANTS (editor)?

All ideas are welcome!


Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 03.10.2015 10:06
Hello Meint,

I don't know if you have this already in your presentation:

- The GDN, created to ask developing questions for "professionals"
- About the chief developers like Emil...
- Maybe some pics of their headquarter in Schlieren
- GIANTS Editor: a high capacitive game engine and programming area and how you script

Maybe you can ask Emil why the made their own developing area, if they made it by themselves or asked an other company...
Hope I could help

Meint Postma (Unknown) 04.10.2015 22:49
Hello Yannik,
Thanks for the reply! I will set your suggestions in my presentation!
Some off your suggestions are very nice and helpfull and I never thought off some things you said.

And my question is also if GIANTS creates everything by them selves or if they hire other companies for their work..

If you have other tips and suggestions it would be great to hear!


Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 05.10.2015 19:04
Let's ask!

Emil, I think you've already read this, so whats your statement to Meint's question?

Kind regards

Meint Postma (Unknown) 05.10.2015 21:07
Haha ;) thank you Yannik!
I'm waiting for the reply :)
By the way; this is an important presentation and I already put a lot off time in it.. But I'm waiting if there are some new things and information that I can add in about the company GIANTS and GIANTS editor which not can be founded on the internet. (I also use GIANTS editor a lot by myself so that's the reason why I choosed this subject)

I'm not asking the community to help me making the whole presentation from the beginning. I only ask if there are some new things I probably missed to see about GIANTS (editor)


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.10.2015 13:19

well, basically you can use any publicly available information for your presentation.

But if there is something missing is hard to say, because I did not yee the presentation yet ;)

In the end we work like a lot of other companies in the game industry, which means that we do work together with freelancers.


Meint Postma (Unknown) 06.10.2015 16:34
Thank you Emil for your reply!

I don't have a lot of information about the GIANTS editor (scripting part) For the rest I have basically everything about GIANTS editor like system requirements, how to use, functions, and so on...

How can I send the PowerPoint presentation to you? By the way its dutch language :/ so that would be difficult to understand for you, I think..

With freelancers you mean people who are working without any contract by GIANTS software? Are they helping (working for) GIANTS software for a period of time? How does it work? I know what freelancers are, but what specific job are they doing for GIANTS?


Meint Postma (Unknown) 06.10.2015 16:36
Sorry for bad english spelling ;)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 16:01

sorry for the late reply (vacation :) )

So, in general freelancers are entrusted to do a certain task only.
But if their work is good a prolonged business relatiin might evolve.

Right, I probably won't understand your presentation ;)
You could send it to an official email adress which you can find on our homepage ... and add some notes so that it gets forwarded to me ;)


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