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Created27.10.2015 17:26

Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 27.10.2015 17:34
Hello everyone,

I've been watching the writing situation in this forum for almost a year. And the community that wrotes not in English grows bigger and bigger. It's driving me crazy to answer two in five posts with:
"Please write in English because this is an international forum and nobody can help you, if you write Chinese!"

@System-Admin: We have to stop this, because it's an international forum with the main language English. The best way to solve this problem:
Delete any user who writes in another language and send him an e-mail with the content that this is an ENGLISH forum for everyone and if he wants to join our community, he has to write English.

That's it!


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 17:25

deleting a user seems to be kinda harsh to me.
But sending an email might be a good idea.
Will hopefully discuss that ...


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