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Developing a FS2017 HUD

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Created26.10.2016 23:08

Jason Blackford (Unknown) 26.10.2016 23:17
Hello all!

I'm fairly new to FS modding, very familiar with the games since v2015... I was thinking about developing a mod for FS2017 that would apply a HUD (heads-up display) for both in-vehicle and outside-vehicle use. The goal would be to play around with how the multitude of data in the menus (ie, crop prices, current quantities, animal stats, financial stats, etc) could be presented in a hud/dashboard fashion. I've read through all of the documentation I could find, but I couldn't really find anything about UI/Menu mods. The answer may be that it's just not possible with the modding editor, but are there any resources out there for these types of changes/mods? Basically I just want to access the core data in the game (which I think I could get through the engine/scripting sdk) and display it in different ways on-screen during gameplay (much like the current vehicle read-out in the lower right).

Thanks so much!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.10.2016 09:37

you can create "overlays", which can serve as two dimensional background and you can call renderText().

That might be enough to get you started?


Jason Blackford (Unknown) 27.10.2016 16:38

'Overlays'... exactly what I needed! :) That will definitely get me started. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your quick response.

Take care,

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