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GIANTS engine has stopped working

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Created29.10.2016 03:57

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 29.10.2016 03:59
Hi, I'm playing FS15 and every time I try to play it keeps crashing!!!! I've tried everything (such as... reinstalling, taking out ALL mods, frigging with the logs, etc.) and still no luck! Somebody help me... PLEASE!!!!!! BTW:it is also laggy most times too.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 31.10.2016 12:45
Hi Tyson,

Did you try without mods? Some mods are buggy and cause crashes.


Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 31.10.2016 22:05
Yes I tried reinstalling and than playing without mods but crashed. But played yesterday and working group fine now. Thanks though. I also has some lag in it too, how do i fix that? BTW:How do I get notified when I get a reply on here? Thanks.

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