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Play FS15 without game disk

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Created04.11.2016 20:36

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 04.11.2016 20:37
Hi, dose anyone know how to play Farming Simulator 2015 without game disc by editing the files?

Larry Horse (Larry) 06.11.2016 01:59 a pirated version

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 11.11.2016 23:20
What the pirated version and where do I download it?

Ladislav Munka (SniperT240) 15.03.2020 12:17
If you have the disc version, but your PC is not equipped with this technology.

There are possible ways.

1. If you want to istall it buy external USB disc driver.
2. If you alredy have it istalled, then there are another ways. You can simply eject the disc (ISO) at "This PC" or download disc simulator.

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