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Created15.10.2017 12:18

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 15.10.2017 12:18

I'd like to know what Giants Software thinks about those 3rd party sites that are nearly instantly re-linking the newly released mods to their links. Like * and other sharing sites (this one is worst of them).

Some mods are mostly liked by the community, but in other reasons it cant be uploaded / wont be accepted at giants mod sharing site (like maps, scripted vehicles). The creator(s) asking that "Keep the original download link!" from sharing sites, but those 3rd party sites (yes, sites, not users) reuploading and relinking those mods to their sharing account.

Yes I know, after releasing a mod "he goes his way" , and a modder (like a single person) cant do anything with it.
What do you think about, this "stealing" can be handled some other way (except keeping the mods private)?

It's very very destructive for the modding community - mostly for the newbie modders - , and i think Giants Software our "big brother" who is able to give us a solution, a helping hand, and keep us and our work safe from those 3rd party sites.


Steve Richardson (Unknown) 31.07.2018 20:37
I know you asked Giants what they think but I think it is brazen theft of IP from both Giants and the Mod creator but sadly there is no way to stop it, no one has the money behind them to go after all these sites and shut them down.

I want people to use my mods clear of any hassle, and risk of downloading malware or spy ware... I want people to download them and enjoy them as nature intended!

Getting mods accredited with Giants is a tricky process for modders (certainly new ones), but worth the red tape... but to see them immediately STOLEN is disgusting.

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