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Giants Editor 7.1.0 64bit windows 10 won't open.

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Created24.02.2018 18:12

Logan Reveley (Unknown) 24.02.2018 18:12
Hi all, wondering if anybody else has had the issue of opening the editor and it'll appear on the task bar but will not open fully. You can hover your mouse over the icon and see that it's doing stuff but will never open up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and deleted the editor.xml files a few times as stated in other forums with the same problem however they were on previous versions and so their fix doesn't seem to be mine. There's also no log.txt file that i can find, hopefully Im not looking in the wrong place.

Logan Reveley (Unknown) 24.02.2018 18:36
For anybody with the same issue, ( I just fixed it) hover over the mini image, right click and hit maximize. Honestly thought that would not work since nothing else would. XD

Benjamin Lambert (BenLambert) 28.02.2021 23:11
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