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Created31.07.2018 20:30

Steve Richardson (Unknown) 31.07.2018 20:30
Hi All,

I am not sure what response I will get, or if a vague one will answer my question.

I want to start working on a new map for FS19 when it releases but am nervous to work on it using FS17 as a tester.

What are the thoughts about compatibility of builds, and if it is worth investing time to convert it?
Is there anything I should leave out the map that is likely to change and put in later... scripting / objects etc etc ...
Is there any news regarding an update to the editor that will provide additional functionality?



David Brown (mrscsi) 05.10.2018 19:45
My question is where are you EVEN getting the freaking specs for the new game engine? How will you be able to even BEGIN to think about it without having the specs on the game engine regarding textures?

Jr. Williams (justme1977) 14.10.2018 15:29
People are always converting maps from 15 to17 so I say make the map and then convert it. Remember, every time they come out with a new game the first week or two they are resolving bug issues and issuing updates. I say make the map and then convert it when the new game levels out. I read somewhere that it will be easier to do that stuff with FS19.

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