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Created26.06.2009 11:45

David Sherman (Unknown) 26.06.2009 11:59
Hallo folks!

I think after release of this forum and the seen activity here it's time to no a bit more about the users here.

I will make the start.
I'm David, next month a will be 20years old and I'm from Hamburg - Germany.
A friend of mine started to code a mmorpg and wanted to use the giants engine.
As a graphic artist with a passion for games it sounds interesting and i asked him if he needs help but for some reasons he had to pause the project for unknown time.
So i start to learn scripting to make my own little games and to be ready when the developing starts again. :D

And you?
What about the developers here? how did you start?
and all the plugin coders here?
tell something about you! ;-)

best regards

Yoper Doper (theprize) 19.09.2018 16:59

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