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Flight Simulator version using this game engine?

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Created02.06.2019 05:39

Bill Ortis (Unknown) 02.06.2019 05:39

I would be interested to know if the Giants game engine could be use to make a flight simulator?

Is that possible? Can one make an experimental 'area' of land and an airport and create a plane? Is there ways to make a vehicle (gaming object vehicle) to fly?

Many thanks for any help and advice.

Kind regards,


Bill Ortis (Unknown) 04.06.2019 07:27
I'm hoping its possible... Waiting patiently for any information.

Does Giants Engine ever consider leasing the game engine to make new games? I have been looking for a game engine to do a couple of simulator type worlds.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.06.2019 08:30
If you want a flight sim, I'd recommand the free "Flightgear" - a very ambitious project with open source.

The Giants Engine is not suitable for that. Though there are some basic physics, the most important part 'flight physics' and 'aerodynamic' is not implemented.

Bill Ortis (Unknown) 05.06.2019 09:00
Sorry to hear this. The sim world in Giants is absolutely amazing. I imagined making some neat little airports and hangers, having those beatiful homes and cars in the scenery. The shading tech is brilliant, so realistic...

I am guessing this game engine must be using PBR materials for such realism. It has come far from several years ago.

The environment in FlightGear is way behind and requires quite a bit of work. Giants is like a 'ready to go' system complete with beautiful skies, ground, trees, homes, scenery and buildings, etc, etc. Even cars...

Well done game platform. Very well done.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.06.2019 13:06
Yes - the FS maps CAN be much more detailed. A standard map has a size of 2x2 km.
For a flight sim you'll need maps of hundreds upto thousands of km. That can't be realized with such high details on a PC.

Bill Ortis (Unknown) 06.06.2019 10:47
I was thinking of a different approach, instead of photo scenery tiles.

When I look at Farm Simulator and Train Simulator, I see a very clean approach to countrysides and cities, as well as beautiful mountains and lakes. One could set about to make a single country in this manner, or smaller, and sculpt it out with country and city area's, and Voila. A high detail land with tons of LOD's that appear when you are close, a raw ground environment from far away, and when up close, the most beautiful, realistic ground scenery. From high up, they would have a low detail LOD object, if they were big, such as houses, cars, buildings.

That was my thoughts, anyways.

The Outerra game engine is interesting as it does this very thing via Fractals. But it is not as ready as the Giants game engine.

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