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Created24.11.2021 07:33

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 24.11.2021 07:33
okay to start with can not feed horses oats or sorghum also when a multi player other than host joins you buy a house then sell it then place a new one in a new location the other players not host spawn in old location.

Thanks for your time

Alex Krieg (AlexKrieg) 30.11.2021 14:32
Other Bugs:

Importent rating:
1 : important
2 : not important

- 1 Palets my stuck in the ground and are difficult to get out again.
Only the palet it selfe gets stuck below the ground texture. The stuff on the palet is above the ground texture.
There is a strange collision resolfing behind XD.

- 2 Crouching on a palet, grabing it and than stand up straight will start the "aladin mode" (flying on the palet).
This Bug is old and existed in other games too.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.11.2021 14:53
It is useless to post bugs here on GDN. This isn't watched by the developers.
For bug reports please use (you need an account).

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