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Created06.01.2011 16:25

Darius Bode (Unknown) 06.01.2011 16:26

I wonder what's wrong with the destructible php script on It seems like the service is crashed or something, because it doesn't work no matter which mesh I try to convert.
I can't contact anyone from this page and in the official forum, I don't get an answer.
Is there another way to provide this script? I need it to do some updates on my meshes.
I would also appreciate an offline version.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 06.01.2011 20:11
It is fixed now.

Unfortunately it is not possible to make this script available offline. But now since the website is moved to a new server, the errors should not appear anymore ;) So it is more reliably usable.

Darius Bode (Unknown) 06.01.2011 20:20
Great, thank you.

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