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Created25.02.2011 00:24

Darius Bode (Unknown) 25.02.2011 00:26

how can you create low detail version of destructibles and how do you link them ingame? I saw that only a few models from the source game have low versions but I can't find a difference to the normal/high version and I don't know how the game recognizes these low versions and how they are used.

Thanks for any help,

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 01.03.2011 11:48
Hi Darius,

You can create them as normal destuctibles but with less breakable parts but the overall shape should be the same.

Link them in the mission xml like this example:

<i3dFile filenameHigh="data/maps/models/destructibles/warehouse01/warehouse01.i3d" filenameLow="data/maps/models/destructibles/warehouse01/warehouse01Low.i3d" translation="124.3 1.98789 -116" rotation="0 0 0" >
<i3dReference id="warehouse1" i3dId="1" />


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