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Debris crusher trigger

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Created26.02.2011 10:51

Darius Bode (Unknown) 26.02.2011 10:52
Sorry I have another one ;-)

I know the groundtrigger and the holetrigger for mission scripting, but I what's the line for the crusher?

Thanks, Darius

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 01.03.2011 11:58
Hi Darius,

You can't specify the regular debris crusher trigger in the mission XML. This trigger will be loaded in each map as soon as you have the wheel loader. You can place the target transform group including the onCreate attributes and the game will add a crusher there.


Darius Bode (Unknown) 01.03.2011 12:32
Alright, thanks for your answers. I should watch out for the oncreate attributes more often.

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