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Created05.02.2012 14:20

Henning Sørensen (Unknown) 05.02.2012 14:21
Is it possible to make a new pda for my edited map in FS2011??
I know there is a way to do it, with the use of gianteditor, and take a photo while looking on the map with a self created pda camera, save it and rezise... Something like that? I am sorry to say so BUT that's just NOT what I want? First that kind of home made map is not precisly enough. Second I am not satisfied with the details. So my dream is to make a map like the original for FS2011 but just with my own edited map... With just a few adjustments from the original.
I'v been searching for at solution to my problem for a long time, so now I have to ask someone. How is the original PDA map created? What part does the GRLE converte play in making a PDA for FS2011? Is it possible for me to make my own original PDA if I buy software from giant or is there a cheeper software avalible from somewhere I don't know about?
I am thát close to just buy the Giant engine package but I really don't want to spend that much money for no reason.
I really really hope that some one will answer me.
Thanks a million, in advance.

From Denmark

Jan-hendrik Pfitzner (Unknown) 10.04.2012 07:17
Use your "weight" Maps as a layer. Combine them in Photoshop or any other tool. It will look mint ;)

Henning Sørensen (Unknown) 12.07.2012 10:12
Hi again
Jan I'v tried very hard to understand what you ment by "use your weight maps as a layer"
When I do that, using adobe photoshop it dosn't really give me the pda map I want.
Please help me.

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 01.08.2012 20:45

You want to make a map for your pda, is this correct?
To take a screenshot of the map in GE is not enough detailed? Why? This map is only to overview the scene!


Henning Sørensen (Unknown) 02.08.2012 13:04
Hi Andreas

Thank you for asking.
I think the trouble is that a lot of small details is missing on that screenshot comparede with the original pda map. So I belive there is a way to make a new map with the same details like the original.
So how did they make the original pda map for FS2011??


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