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Skybox problems with mapsize 4096x4096

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Created15.02.2012 20:33

Farmer Luke (Unknown) 15.02.2012 20:38
Hello Everybody!
I want to create a big map with 4 times the original size. I came up with a map 4096x4096. I can edit the map in the GE without problems. In game, the sky is cut off at 2048x2048. Scaling the skybox does not help, also editing the skyShader.xml as mentioned by Stefan Geiger in "Public Support Forum Enlarge the "SKYBOX"" article won't help.

Best regards,

Farmer Luke

Farmer Luke (Unknown) 16.02.2012 06:51
Hello Everybody!

Ok, i realized the skybox, but i have problems with "jitter". The rendering of the skybox is not smooth. There are sharp corners shown and the texture seems to "shift" which make an "shake" effect when you look at the sky without moving your head!

Help would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Farmer Luke

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