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Can't Open map01.i3d file

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Created24.03.2012 21:26

Major Jones (major9000) 24.03.2012 21:29
I have been trying in vain to open the map01.i3d file foe A Place Called Home map for FS 2011 and each time I try I get the same response Error/Can't load resource file and GIANTS Editor freezes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am simply trying to remove trees from the middle of some fields.

Marcel Van Der Starre (Unknown) 04.04.2012 16:11
Could be that your loading an old map in GE4.1.9 witch is not possible due to xml format changes. Or the i3d file is corrupted in some way.

Jan-hendrik Pfitzner (Unknown) 10.04.2012 07:14
... or you used the wrong mapping channel? I had lots of problems in the past.

<Vertices count="24" normal="true" uv0="true">
<v p="-0.909424 -0.103735 0.359642" n="0 0 1" t0="0.375 0"/> (the quantity of this line is equal to the "vertices count")

Check if you have uv0 and not uv1, uv2, ...
If not, rename it.
Therefor you have to fix each vertices: If it was uv2, there will be t2 in the following lines. Rename them to t0 :]

Worked for me ...

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