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Cow's Milking Machine 20 feet in the air

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Created27.03.2012 07:48

Michael J Staniewski (Unknown) 27.03.2012 07:55
The Milking machine and water Troth is about 20 feet in the air and I can't find it to delete it. What do I do? I downloaded a Farm Mod map and the Mod'er said that he doesn't have the Dairy running yet. No fencing yet but I did put another Cow zone in and added a cow fence, but the part of the cows are in the cropping area. I want to delete the one that is in the air.

Marcel Van Der Starre (Unknown) 04.04.2012 16:09
It's loaded while you load a game. It's not part of your map.i3d. Result, the one you put in is sitting on top of the trigger that belongs to the default one. Or the other way around. It's most likely loaded from your game map.

Michael J Staniewski (Unknown) 16.04.2012 22:37
Well what I did was covering it up. The Water Trough I covered in the trees and the Milking Machine is now in a Silo...........LOL Check it out here:

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