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breakableJoint in combination with LOD

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Created05.04.2012 13:44

Jan-hendrik Pfitzner (Unknown) 05.04.2012 13:51

I'm not sure, if you know this, but there is a little Problem in Multiplayer, when I combine LOD with a dynamic breakableJoint.

The tree looks like this:

• breakableJoint
--- dynamic collision mesh
:::::::: transformGroup with LOD

I have no problems, when I'm the server. Everything works fine! Nevertheless, it's not working for the client at all.
The Client can see aslmost everything of the complete mesh. He can break it and see LOD0. So there is no problem till now.
After LOD0 switched to LOD1, he can't see anything of the mesh. Would any developer mind to fix that in LS13?


Garrett Michaels (Unknown) 14.04.2012 06:57

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