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PhysX warning: Static actor moved

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Created29.04.2012 16:01

Matei Andrei (SPARTAN_6) 29.04.2012 16:09

I editet the original map and i get this erors (240 lines):
PhysX warning: Static actor moved

From what i understand it about static object that aren't scaled equal x,y,z.In the original map are many threes with x,y,z scale not equal (ex 1.25 ,1,1.25).The problem is i rescale every three to 1,1,1 and still i get the eror.Please help what should i do!???? And another question : This static object can't be moved in game and in editor i can place anywhere i want and i will not get this error?????

Michel Dorge (Unknown) 06.05.2012 07:54
the only thing i can say for your problem is : "static" object can not be moved while the game is running. (because, for the game, it is static, so some computing for this object are done only once at the start of the game, and after that, minimal computing are done for this kind of object)

M.j.a. Rotgans (Unknown) 14.05.2013 08:48
If you get a static actor has moved error you have a uneven scaling somewhere, when you scale something all the numbers must be the same.
For example a building is 1.1.1 if you change this to 1.2.1 you get a static actor has moved error.
make all te numbers the same then your problem is solved.

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