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Problem with nvidia optimus in Acer 4755g notebook

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Created23.06.2012 11:59

Lukas Winklarz (Unknown) 23.06.2012 12:05
I have a problem with FS 2011. I have in my Acer 4755g laptop two graphic cards: Intel HD in i3-2330m processor and Nvidia Geforce 540m. My notebook have support for nvidia optimus technology but FS 2011 every time use Intel HD card. I have newest driver for GF 540m from page. Every new game use geforce, only Farming Simulator have a problem with that thing. So, how can I resolve that problem?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 25.06.2012 10:50
Hi Lukas,

You can enforce the Geforce 540m in the NVIDIA control panel.


Lukas Winklarz (Unknown) 02.07.2012 23:33
That's not helped. And I had the same problem in any other games. Nvidia Optimus driver not worked correctly. Only restoring system from partition image resolved this problem.
But thanks for your answer ;)

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