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Created30.09.2012 13:43

Christian Bizer (Unknown) 30.09.2012 13:48
I am making minor changes using the sample mod map. I removed the scarecrow, altered some fields and added 3 modded buildings. The 3 building textures are shown in the editor, however the 3 buildings are white when in the game. I have the modded building .zip files in my mods folder, and I've added the unzipped building files to my modded map files, but I guess they are not in the right place. Any help would be appreciated!! (glenn52) 09.10.2012 01:22
What does C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\log.txt report?

From Giants editor, Export All with Files.
Open the map01.i3d in a text editor.
Under <Files> are listed all the dependencies.
Put all files in one zip in the C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods folder.

From my site you can download a FS2009 map mod (glenn52 OME Project) and check the zip and *.i3d file -

Christian Bizer (Unknown) 11.10.2012 00:07
Hi glenn52,

the log.txt is telling me the 3 modded buildings that I added are missing the modName.xml file and the modDesc.xml file. I have downloaded these buildings from several sites and all are missing these 2 files in the .zip folder that goes in my mods folder. I don't know why the
author(s) of the mods didn't include or make these files. The only thing I do know is that the textures are there in the giants editor. So my question is, are these buildings lost to my map or can these 2 files be made or created so I can use them? (glenn52) 15.10.2012 09:31
Not sure why you'd want to add buildings as mods, and maybe this is why they are not accompanied by mod *.xml files - they weren't intended to be added as mods?

Long time since I've done any mapping in GE...

Any scenery objects should be added to your map mod.

A map mod comprises a map01.i3d file, all the files for the map content, a modDesc.xml file, a *.lua file and thumbnail image files.

Open your map01.i3d in GE
Don't select anything
Import your building.i3d
You should see a gizmo identifying the location of your building
Move the gizmo until the building is visible to you
Place the building in the map where you want it
Export All with Files to your working folder

And the rest I understand you already have under control

(If you want to post in the forum on my site, I visit there daily, and have more flexibility to provide a better response...)

Bart Stangle (Unknown) 09.08.2013 21:43
I cannot figure out for the life of me how to work the Giants game editor can someone help me

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