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Created04.01.2013 21:40

Teri Walton (Unknown) 04.01.2013 21:44
Hello I'm new to all this, and Ihave been playing this game for a while, and I was wondering if there was some way of creating new crops, with the giant editor? can someone please tell how to do this.

Tacbravo (Unknown) 04.01.2013 22:37
Hello Teriwild!

That is covered mostly in the Farming Simulator 2013 Video Tutorials which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get started in modding for LS13 or for LS11. I am not in sales and marketing for Giants, just another modder getting started down this path like you.

These tutorials, while they do not cover every possible aspect of modding--because this is an extremely deep subject--are very helpful for what they do and are loaded with a lot of tips and tricks and reference materials and additional pointers to those that help save time, That translates to lots of time if you are brand new to Giants Editor, and even more time if you are brand new to modding for any game at all.

Some of what is in the Video Tutorials is covered in bits and pieces elsewhere, but to me it's worth the small cost to get this organized into one place. It is also great to hear it from the horse's mouth, sort of speak :) That is just my personal opinion, of course.

Please also check out the more recent thread here:, the subject starts with "need a pro to look at."

between Sparky and I. We are exploring the same question as you about how to place crops on the map via the Editor. Perhaps you'll join in and provide some tips too, once you figure this out better. Look in that other thread over the next few days or week to see what we come up with. Sparky just today came up with a brilliant idea that's definitely worth looking at.

All the Best,


Teri Walton (Unknown) 05.01.2013 13:26
oh that's cool, but I want to change the crops in farming sim 2011 is there any way of doing this.


Tacbravo (Unknown) 05.01.2013 20:48
Yes, you can, but for sure an LS2011 map is not compatible with the latest Giants Editor (GE) 5.0.1. For LS2011 map, only use GE 4.1.9 which is available for download here on GDN. The crops editing, I am not an expert on this for GE 4.1.9, but 5.0.1 claims some updates to the terrain editing, yet it is is probably not that much different either, you could go in and have a look.

If you can afford it, you should spring for the LS2013 Video Tutorials, these are really not expensive and go toward supporting future game development, and even though they are now oriented to LS2013, many of the concepts and operations are going to be the same. This is some of the best game money I ever spent for the price of a couple cups of Starbucks coffee, this is just my personal opinion and as one fellow modder to another.

Wiith LS2011, people have created a brand new manure texture via a mod, that wasn't part of GE 4.1.9., then used the new mod addition to paint a field with manure texture via the terrain paint function in GE. So if that's possible, surely you should be able to paint any standard crop.

I would say make a test map or get a clean map mod off the net then open that in GE 4.1.9, then paint the crop texture you want on it then look at it in LS2011, so at least you get to learn how it is done, then go more advanced from there. Very important, be really careful to not edit and save over your default game map, or it could wreck your game then you have to reinstall to get the default map back. There are tons of instructions all over for how to make a mod map in LS2011.



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