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Created26.02.2013 21:38

Timofte Ionut (thymothy783) 26.02.2013 21:38
what chances I have to fix this error
Error FruitUtil.registerFruitType: Too many fruit types. Only 64 fruit types are supported
how to change those 64 in 100

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 16.03.2013 19:13
You can not.

The reason you are limited to 64 fruit-/fill-types, is due to several restrictions and compromises I believe GIANTS had to make in their game-engine.

If you really wanted more than 64 fruit-/fill-types, you need to change _alot_ in the LUA-scripts, foliage-layers, network-streams and so on.

Also, why would you want more? Do you think your game-experience will become better with 64+ fruit-/fill-types?

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