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Created09.11.2013 15:15

Mar Farmar (mfwgmxde) 09.11.2013 15:22
Is there a Debugger for LUA Scripts of Mods? And if so, how do you work (start) it?

What I tried was:
Ingame you can connect a remote debugger using F10 I think. GRLD (Graphical Remote LUA Debugger) works on this port. Ingame I requested the game to connect and that worked fine. Now how can I add break point or something like that. Next is how to show the source and so on.
Am I on the right way or is there just no possibility than just write working code?

Gary Parkin (Gary_P) 02.02.2014 14:26
Mar Farmar, did you ever get this to work? I'm looking too.
I can't find where to start it.

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 06.02.2014 12:45

Mod-Debugging is currently not supported.
Please use print() to debug values.

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