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Created10.09.2010 12:37

Leonard B. (Eicher_Fan) 10.09.2010 12:42
we want to release some mods as soon as possible so it would be the best right at the release day (October 18th).
You told us at the Gamescom that we have to adapt the mods for LS11 so they work with the multiplayer.
Now my question:
Could you release a demo or could you post an instruction before releasing LS11 (maybe at the beginning of October) so we could adapt the mods.
Sorry for my english. *g*

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 13.09.2010 09:10
We are trying to release some information before the release. But as we are quite busy to finish the game, we can not promise to have enough time to release this information before the release.

Leonard B. (Eicher_Fan) 13.09.2010 09:20
Thank you for your answer.
I know that you are busy but it would be very good if you find time to release some information.

Matthias Jung (Unknown) 10.12.2010 18:55
I have no idea how to build or make Mods Could You help me please

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 10.12.2010 21:44
What want you to learn?
The modDesc.xml is important and the other things can be import.:-)

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