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Created21.10.2010 16:08

Sam Northey (Unknown) 21.10.2010 16:15

I am trying to make some new mods for LS11, I would like to make a telehandler and round baler that both use the original scripts, as I am happy with how they work, they should be bug free and I have no scripting experience myself.

My problem is that I am unable to find the specialization types to put in the modDesc, LS09 had vehicleTypes.xml, and storeItems.xml files in the data folder which this information is available in, but I don't see that LS11 has these files, possibly because of the new buying system for mods?

It would be ideal if someone knows what I have to write for these modDescs, so I can continue with these mods,

Sam Northey SamN

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 21.10.2010 16:41
Hi Sam,

Face wrote something about these specializations :

You can see the old updated one and the new one.
With the old "vehicleTypes.xml" you can easely build your modDesc file. ;)


Sam Northey (Unknown) 21.10.2010 16:48
Many thanks for that Bayn, that has helped a lot, so I take it you would have to use mousecontrols, and front loader for the telehandler? and does the baler type work for round and square balers?

I will give it a go when I have some time for modding next.


B. Benjamin (Unknown) 21.10.2010 20:20
You need to use all the specializations needed to make the mod useful :

- steerable
- motorized
- frontloader
- animatedVehicle ( Maybe for the movements ? )
- cylindered ( for the hydraulics, if it has been made that way ( check the .xml file ;)) )
- mouseControlsVehicle

Yes, the "baler" type is for both baler. ( with attachable, etc... ;) ).
Maybe some mods request more than I wrote. If it's the case, correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit : I'm not sure I understood all you said : do you want to add your own script or just use original one ? If you want to use your own, just do as described. If you want to use the original script, just put "telehandler" in your vehicleType ( in the .xml file ) and that's all you need. ;)

Marc Jozefiak (Josie) 19.09.2011 09:20
Example For my Map the ModDesc
Its in Funktion

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<modDesc descVersion="4">
<author>GIANTS Software GmbH</author>
<title> <en>Josies Map</en> <de>Josies Map</de> </title>
<description> <en>This is the Josies map.</en> <de>Dies ist die Josies Map.</de> </description>
<multiplayer supported="true"/>
<text name="JosiesmapBriefingText1"> <en>This is the first paragraph.description of your map.</en> <de>Die JosieMapV2.Hier habe ich -den fastswitcherMod-den Ertragmod-denClockmod-den SwitchLimit2Fieldmod -den Inspectormod-den RunnigCostmod-den NoRainmod -den Cheatmod eingebaut. Dies koennt ihr aus euren Mod Ordner nehmen</de> </text>
<text name="JosiesmapBriefingText2"> <en>This is the second paragraph.</en> <de>Desweiteren habe ich von der laufenburgmap die Eisenbahn mit funktionierenden Schranken und den Bahhof und den AldiSued eingebaut. Liedel ist auch dabei</de> </text>
<text name="JosiesmapBriefingText3"> <en>This is the third paragraph.</en> <de>Desweiteren habe ich den Ballenschredder mit den Auffahrrampen eingebaut.</de> </text>
<text name="Grass"> <en>Grass</en> <de>Heu</de> </text>
<text name="wheat"> <en>wheat</en> <de>Weizen</de> </text>
<text name="barley"> <en>barley</en> <de>Gerste</de> </text>
<text name="rape"> <en>rape</en> <de>Raps</de> </text>
<text name="maize"> <en>maize</en> <de>Mais</de> </text>
<text name="UNKNOWN"> <en>unknown</en> <de>unbekannt</de> </text>
<text name="SWITCHLIMIT2FIELD"> <en>field-detection</en> <de>Feld-erkennung</de> </text>
<text name="with"> <en>with</en> <de>mit</de> </text>
<text name="DLC2_not_installed"> <en>The Farming Simulator 2011 DLC 2 is not installed or was not selected in the mod menu.The DLC 2 is available on</en>
<de>Der Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 DLC 2 ist nicht installiert.Den DLC 2 gibt es auf</de> </text>
<sourceFile filename="scripts/clock.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/cheats.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/noRain.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/Ertrag.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/DLC2Bga.lua"/>
<sourceFile filename="scripts/BunkerSiloCompacter.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/inspector.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/zugschranke.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/FastSwitcher.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/RunningCosts.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="scripts/switchLimit2Field.lua" />
<map id="Josiesmap" className="Josiesmap" filename="Josiesmap.lua" defaultVehiclesXMLFilename="defaultVehicles.xml">
<title> <en>Josies Map</en> <de>Josies Map</de> </title>
<description> <en>This is the Josiesmap.</en> <de>Dies ist die Josiesmap.</de> </description>
<input name="SWITCHLIMIT2FIELD" category="VEHICLE" key1="KEY_KP_divide" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" />
<input name="SWITCH_DOOR_STATE" category="VEHICLE ONFOOT" key1="KEY_o" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" />

Mfg Josie

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