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Menu music in-game with mod maps

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Created24.10.2010 08:13

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 24.10.2010 08:18
As it states, when I load a Modded map, the menu music will play during gameplay. Basically all I did was use the sample map mod and add some buildings and re-arranged things to my needs. Is there a way to disable music completely? I am pretty sure it's hardcoded. A bug maybe? And I will say that it happens 50% of the time, the other 50% the game runs normal. So I have to restart and restart till I get the game without music.

Thanks for any help :)


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 25.10.2010 22:43
This bug is fixed with Patch 1.3

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 26.10.2010 10:39
I noticed :) But another one has arisen :p I have an 8800GTX and if I use Antistophic an or AA, the game will start out laggy. As if I didn't have a powerful enough card, is my card gone to the wayside already lol. I could do SLI, but my wife has commandeered my other 8800GTX. But do note I have no problem running x16 and 16 on my other games. I thought this was a map editing problem, but alas it happens on stock map as well. Is there a bug list so I don't re-list one?

Thanks for the hard work :)


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