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Grass bales bounce away

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Created27.10.2010 02:25

Gudmundur Olafsson (sirkus) 27.10.2010 02:30
is there a way to fix the round bales and other bales, it's quiet anoying when your trying to pick them up and if you go a litle to much to left or right and touch the sides of the bale, they bounch away, ok maby not quiet anoying, it's bloody frustrating, and also how can I set a speed limiter on the frontloader, there is only fast or faster when your picking up the bales, when you have to turn( well lets just say that thank god that the forks are long, else I would have to go fetch those bales into the next country after every turn), how about maby fixing this in the next patch ?

Gudmundur Olafsson (sirkus) 27.10.2010 14:15
SO is there away to fix the bales or not.
It would be good to get a reply, just once !

Ellinor Ström (Unknown) 30.10.2010 13:11
Patience young padawan, i'm pretty sure the guy's at GIANTS taking a well earned break after releasing Farming Simulator 2011 :) they do usually reply here. As you can see when you look through the threads.

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