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Created01.11.2010 08:36

Jan Hermansen (Regn65) 01.11.2010 08:39
Hi there...
i have made a new map, i editor all is fine, byut i game the cows is 20 abow the ground.
i have used the original CattleMeadow.i3d and adapted the ground to that.
then i tryed to raise the level whit no resoult they still i flying 20 feet abowe.

can any help

Paul Ainsworth (Unknown) 01.11.2010 16:59
The problem i have come up against with moving the cows is the nav mess attached to the transform group, the nav mess is unmovable so it seems that the cows must remain in the stock location.

I have been trying all sorts of things for the past 2 days but i have finally accepted that i must leave the cows in there original location. Witch is pain has i will after rework many areas of my map now.

Hope that helps you.
Paul Ainsworth

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