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RPM-Limiter for Mods in LS11

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Created01.11.2010 09:58

Alexander Michels (Unknown) 01.11.2010 10:24
hi ,

yesterday i was Searching for an RPM-Limiter for my LS11 mods .I tryed to integrate an RPM-Limiter form my older Ls09 mods. But it did not Work.

This morning i had found a Script for ls11 ,but i still have Problems to integrate it in the Moddesc.xml . Can anyone form giants or a good modder help me ??

thanks for your Help in this Question.


Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 01.12.2010 18:26
The problem are the keys which are already in use by zooming. Try this: .
<text name="Bild hoch/runter:">
<en>Raise/lower rpm pageup/down</en>
<de>Drehzahl hoch/runter Bild auf/ab</de>
<specialization name="rpmLimiter" className="rpmLimiter" filename="rpmLimiter.lua" />

<type name="..." className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="rpmLimiter" />

Perhaps the "text" isnĀ“t quit alright but it works without an error in log but in options/ controls: missing ....

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 06.12.2010 22:46
try this one:

it is multiplayer compatible

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