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Created01.11.2010 14:58

Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 01.11.2010 15:01

is it possible to translate parts of a pipe from combine?
i try this:
<node index="29" rotationSpeeds="0 35 20" translationSpeeds="10 10 0">
<state1 rotation="0 0 0" translation="0 0 0"/>
<state2 rotation="0 0 30"translation="0.25 0.50 0"/>

but the game lags and in the log is the following error:
Lua: Error running function: update
D:/code/lsim2011_version5/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Combine.lua(717) : attempt to index field 'translation' (a nil value)

thousands of this error follows this one!!!!
can anybody help me?

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 01.11.2010 21:48
You missed space between " and 'translation' in

<state2 rotation="0 0 30"translation="0.25 0.50 0"/>

It should be

<state2 rotation="0 0 30" translation="0.25 0.50 0"/>

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 02.11.2010 12:35
There is an error in the script of the game. This will be fixed in Patch 2 of the game. Your xml should then be working.

Be sure to use descVersion=5 then, to make sure only players with Patch 2 will be able to load the mod.

Patch 2 will hopefully be release this week.

Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 02.11.2010 17:37
that makes me happy (glenn52) 16.11.2010 03:52
Any update on this Patch??

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 20.11.2010 15:57
Yes, the patch is released for the Windows Retail and some ESD versions since 18.11.
It is available here:

We will release the patch for MAC and Steam within the next few days.

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