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built together : combine and trailer

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Created02.11.2010 18:03

Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 02.11.2010 18:07
i want to combine the forager and a trailer to one vehicle
it works but i cant fill and unload the trailer

i have this in the moddesc:
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="steerable" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="combine" />
<specialization name="hirable" />
<specialization name="aiCombine" />
<specialization name="honk" />

<specialization name="fillable" />
<specialization name="attachable" />
<specialization name="trailer" />

and the grainplanes,fillnodes etc from the medium tipper in the bigx.xml
whats wrong?

Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 04.11.2010 18:44
now it runs nearly perfect

but it dont unload the chaff into a trailer at unloading position
into farmsilo etc. this machine unloads and loads like other trailers

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 08.11.2010 10:31
<specialization name="unfillable" /> You can make a script in a xml tu unfill the trailer- try and will be worked.:-)

Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 08.11.2010 17:49
what parameters i need for this spec?

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