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What does it mean - "...\NpActor.cpp:818?"

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Created18.11.2010 20:40

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 18.11.2010 20:49
i want to fix the Bautraummap reloaded and this PhysX warning: Static actor moved
is the last i had to do.
What does the ...818 describe- a coordinate? I think there is a subject which has got the false rigid body type, or?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 20.11.2010 15:48
This message is displayed, if you have a Static Object, which is in a transform group that has scale not equal to 1,1,1.

This warning does not indicate which object is wrong.

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 20.11.2010 22:15
So i can only find by searching. Thanxs for answer.

Linus Ek (Unknown) 21.11.2010 00:17
I found it beeing related to "PhysX warning: Static actor moved" That happens when static objects are beeing moved ingame. Good examples of generators to this error is the bale shredder (when doors are openening) and the gate that opens and close when you get close to it.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 22.11.2010 09:20
Yes thats correct. Thats why the are called static actors ;) They are not supposed to be moved. If you want to move colliding objects by script, you should use the kinematic objects. They are not moved by the physics like dynamic objects, but can be moved around by the script and do have collisions.

Jan Hermansen (Regn65) 23.01.2011 09:35
How do you find the objects thats making the error .. ig got at the moment like 2000 lines an no idea what to remove og change

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