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OnCreate function problem

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Created22.11.2010 00:03

Linus Ek (Unknown) 22.11.2010 00:07
I'm trying to make a trigger and I got it loading with the new onCreate callback.

But the id in "function objectOnCreate(id)" returns a table.

According to your documentation it should be a int. I cant use the addTrigger with a table =/

And I have a function to print tables but either it's huge or it triggers an endless loop in that function cause the log growed to 800mb before the game crashed.

I managed to shut down the endless loop thing and this is the table:

= function: 118B0688

= function: 11362C28

= function: 118B0748





= function: 11363008

= function: 11363188






= function: 11363168

print_r is the function that prints tables.

When it says : it should be another table there but thats the part with the loop.

test is the name of my mod

Andreas GroƟschedl (Unknown) 22.11.2010 08:39
I had the same problem - and 2 solution (own solution and one from Mr. Geiger), look there:

Linus Ek (Unknown) 22.11.2010 13:35
Thanks it worked. Saw that thread before and tried what it said. The only thing I didnt try was "modNameOnCreate = modName.onCreate".

Now it works. :)

Have fun.

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