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Created23.11.2010 21:06

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 24.11.2010 20:49
Hello , im wondering if i can create a pivoting axle i know it has a reference's to the components in the xml but i dont know what i should do exactly.

i have this ]

<components count="2">
<component1 centerOfMass="0 0 0.176" solverIterationCount="4" />
<joint component1="0>1" component2="0>0" index="0|3" rotLimit="0 0 4" transLimit="0 0 0" />
<component2 solverIterationCount="90" />
<joint component1="0>1" component2="0>1" index="1|3" rotLimit="0 0 4" transLimit="0 0 0" />

there are two pivoting axles (independently) and im not sure what the relations of these are



component1 centerOfMass="0 0 0.176" solverIterationCount="4" />

thank you for your time. Jonesy ;D

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 25.11.2010 21:04
The component 1 of each line is the reference of the component parent being joined, so it will only be the number of the parent, which is the main collision which everything is in. This is also the component which contains the component joint. The component 2 is the component being joined to the first one. It could also be a third or any other component.

Hope this helps.

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 25.11.2010 21:28
Hi thanks for your reply after doing a lot of trial and error i finally get a sort of result but have a few problems the axles twitch and the while thing is un-controllable when hitched(if i can get to it) would this have anything to do with it have the collisions overlapping in the middle as they are independent here are some images to show you the problem , again thanks for your time.

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