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g_currentMission.vehiclesToSave on LS2011

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Created27.11.2010 15:17

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 27.11.2010 15:22
I have a little question.
I convert my mod from fs2009 to fs2011 and not find vehiclesToSave.
On fs2011 not exist?
which he is the variable one replaces that it?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 30.11.2010 10:17
Yes, this list was removed.

You can find all vehicles that should be save with this code:

for _,vehicle in pairs(g_currentMission.vehicles) do
if vehicle.isVehicleSaved then
-- vehicle is to be saved

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 30.11.2010 21:33
Hi Stefan,
Best regards

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