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Created28.11.2010 20:11

Linus Ek (Unknown) 28.11.2010 20:12
Is mass solely for the physics engine or can it be converted to any actual weight units?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 30.11.2010 15:56
Hi Linus,

What do you mean by "actual weight units"?


Tobias F (JD6930) 30.11.2010 17:45
I think he means something like "kilogramms" ?

Linus Ek (Unknown) 01.12.2010 05:12
Yea, like lbs, kg and such? Is it even remotely connected? Or is it purely for game engine?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.12.2010 11:14
The unit of the mass is tonnes.
And the unit of the density is tonnes/(m^3). The density of water thus is 1.

Linus Ek (Unknown) 01.12.2010 21:12
Oh, cool! I actually expected a no on this question.

But I've seen these variables: emptyMass , currentMass and massScale. Whats massScale for?

Donovan Myers (Unknown) 09.12.2010 03:17
I am curious about this variable and density. Almost every tractor I have seen made has extremely bouncy suspension and sways around corners terribly. After some research, it seems like most people set the density of the tractors wrong; ending up with a tractor weighing about 10 times more than it should in real life. Therefore, with reasonable suspension values in the .xml file, they still sway horribly around corners, bounce up and down with undulations in the ground, etc. Any way to easily change this?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 09.12.2010 10:11
massScale is used for the fillables (trailers, sowing machine etc.). It describes how much the weight is changed as the are filled.
EmptyMass stores how much the weight while they are empty, currentMass is the they currently have.

So the mass a fillable has is calculated as:
local mass = self.emptyMass + self.fillLevel*self.massScale;

There are two ways to reduce the bounciness. Either you increase the spring values of the wheels, or you decrease the mass. You can decrease the mass by decreasing the density of the dynamic objects in the i3d.
Changing the density results in a linear change of the mass. E.g. if you half the density, the mass is also halved.

Unknown 04.12.2011 11:07
Thx very much for helping us out.

Could u maby explain the formula in the fillible.lua script,

197 self.massScale = 1.3*0.0001*0.7 *Utils.getNoNil(getXMLFloat(xmlFile, "vehicle.massScale#value"), 1);

What do 1.3 , 0.7 and 0.0001 represent?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 05.12.2011 10:34
That is just a scaling value. The values are historically back from Farming Simulator 2008. This was the scaling used for the small tipper. For 2009 we then simplified it, so that we could use the massScale#value = 1 in the XML.

Peter Edliner (Unknown) 05.12.2011 17:18
Ok, thx for the reply.

I am foolin around with massScale value to achieve more difference between full and empty vehicles. I try to figure out what value's to use for the result i like..

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