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Created06.12.2010 21:17

Christian R. (Nismo) 06.12.2010 21:21

My Problem is

I have bulid me a neu cow area.

I have tow errors in my log.tet

dataS2/character/cow/cowAnimation.i3d (16.80mb in 985.68 ms)
Error: Getting random navmesh position
Lua: Error running function: CattleMeadow.onCreate
D:/code/lsim2011/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/ai/animals/world/Entity.lua(20) : you didn't provide the position (x) for the entity

and when i push the Start Button comes this

Lua: Error running function: mouseEvent
D:/code/lsim2011/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/ai/AnimalHusbandry.lua(281) : bad argument #1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil)

who i can solution this problem

I hope one of you can help me


Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 07.12.2010 03:43
Thinkt you have made a mistake at saving i3d- maybe import the map to the cow- area and set it right and delte the map- than save the new position of the cattleMeadow.i3d.

Christian R. (Nismo) 07.12.2010 16:40
Now the Problem this error:

Lua: Error running function: update
D:/code/lsim2011/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/objects/AnimalsNetworkObject.lua(105) : attempt to index field 'herd' (a nil value)

when i push the start button i comes in the game but i can´t go or drive

Christian R. (Nismo) 08.12.2010 13:30
The erros comes in the Singel Player.... :(

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 10.12.2010 11:43
Ok, do you have rename an object or file in i3d? What is herd?

Christian R. (Nismo) 10.12.2010 13:04
I didn´t have anyone renamed.
Herd it should the cow area i think

perhaps one person of Giants can help me or us

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 18.12.2010 15:35
This seems to be a game limitation, when i got this error the cattlemeadow.i3d was correct. I think herd is a value created by the script controlling cows. Now, if you use your own cattlemeadow.i3d the script does not run, but the animal network code runs and throws this error.
Unfortunately loading the original cattlemeadow.i3d and then load a second herd pruduces a not supported error, hope support for more than one herd is added.
Only way that worked for me up to now is to replace (backup!) the cattlemeadow.i3d in the game folder, and leave the path to the i3d in the lua at default.

I do NOT recommend this, as it BREAKS MP COMPATIBILITY. But this way you can test if your herd behaves correctly on its new location, check if triggers, milking, ... are working. Also works in MP if all players change the file.

hope that helps

Madalin Piki (Madalinp) 24.05.2011 22:23
I've been been in the same problem as you.after making the new area i got that error in log.txt
after a while the solution came to after you made the poly shape you must duplicate 19 time.the convert them form 3d model to navigation mesh.rename the navmesh that you convert exactly the old one.same name.copy them in the CattleMeadow in NavMesh it and them open you map01.i3d to place it where you want.edit the .lua file so the game load your CattleMeadow.
the just overwrite AnimalHusbandry line in your .lua like this:

-- load NEW CowArea
self:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("missions/CattleMeadow.i3d", self.baseDirectory));

Note that i have done in this way and didn't find any problem loading game after.Work 100% in Multiplayer mode and singleplayer.

Hope you find usefull

A gamer from Romania

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