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error in MOWER.LUA

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Created14.12.2010 22:37

Markus (Unknown) 14.12.2010 22:43
dont know its an error or something
i want to fold 3 mower (BIGM) in single mode
when the right mower is down all other mowers are mowing
i looked into the mower.lua on LS-MODS and there i see the reason why

local x,y,z = getWorldTranslation(self.groundReferenceNode);
local terrainHeight = getTerrainHeightAtWorldPos(g_currentMission.terrainRootNode, x, 0, z);
if terrainHeight+self.groundReferenceThreshold >= y then

this is wrong for me(sorry)

i have to cut and paste that a few lines down and rename "self.groundReferenceNode" to

it runs perfectly now

thanks for this wonderfull game and the scripts guys

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:50
The issue is, that there is only one ground reference node.

You could make this your root node, and use a foldLimit to disable cutting of the areas if they are folded. You can have a look at the foldable cultivators of the game. They use this as well.

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