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Driver character skinning

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Created18.12.2010 16:01

Unknown 18.12.2010 16:54

i want to include a steering animation for the driver in the i3d.
But i have some problems with skinned characters. Can i put a skinned char inside a mod i3d file? I encountered some translation problems when trying (position of the char).
When the char is exported alone the position is right.
What would be the right way get it work?


Sander Van Hoeve (Unknown) 20.12.2010 13:18
Yes you can put a re-textured character in an i3d. Just grab the original character and all its texture files from the data folder, and put them in your mod files. Now open your character i3d file and change the paths of the files to match the path relative to the i3d. Import your character into your mod, and you can now start re-texturing your character safely using the texture files.

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 20.12.2010 17:36
I meant a character with bones and skin weights applied (for the deformation of the skin accord to bone movement), for animating. If i put a char prepared like that in the i3d model, it works in GE, i can play animations, everything looks OK.
But if i start the game and the load the mod (containing the char), the char has moved from the tractor to somewhere else.
Looks like a world / local translation problem to me...

thanks anyways

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:33
The shape should stay at 0/0/0 position. Only the skeleton should be moved. So you should link the shape to the root node of the world when you loaded the vehicle.

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 02.01.2011 13:20
Thanks Stefan,
i'll try that.

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 02.01.2011 21:36
I hope your mod works. It sounds very good.

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