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How to dispose of a Bale

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Created27.12.2010 11:41

Mark Farrington (chorleyboy) 27.12.2010 11:46

I'm trying to dispose of a bale similar to the bale sale trigger in the game. I'm using the following code (which worked in LS09):


This works and the bale disappears however I then receive errors in game log. I know that bales are treated differently in LS11 so I guess I need to make another call in addition/instead of the above?

Many thanks,

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 19:09
In LS11 the bales now are lua objects. Using the object, you can simply call object:delete() which both does delete the node and remove the bale from all lists.
You can get and delete the object associated with the baleId with this code:

local object = g_currentMission:getNodeObject(baleId);
if object ~= nil and object:isa(Bale) then

Mark Farrington (chorleyboy) 28.12.2010 14:33
Hi Stefan, many thanks for the answer this has fixed my game log errors.

Another quick (I hope) question is does this technique also work for vehicles? The community created a big bag mod some time ago to enable in field filling of seed drills. I'd like to convert this into LS11 and would like to remove the "bag" (which is actually a trailer) when the bag is empty.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 03.01.2011 10:31
The vehicles are not mapped using this way.

However there is table called "nodeToVehicle" in the g_currentMission, which maps the vehicle component nodes to the vehicle object.
Further you should not call the delete function of the vehicle directly, but call g_currentMission:removeVehicle(vehicle). Also you should only do this on the server. Deleting the vehicle on the server also deletes the vehicle on the clients automatically.

So valid code could be:
if g_currentMission:getIsServer() then
local vehicle = g_currentMission.nodeToVehicle[nodeId];
if vehicle ~= nil then

Stefan K. Maan (Unknown) 07.02.2012 16:14
is there a way to reverse the function. so you pay for getting a bale spawned?

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