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Created04.01.2011 05:52

Steve Smith (Unknown) 04.01.2011 06:03
Am thinking of using splines to create an AI to follow from say a field to a trigger like the silo's and back again to where it came from problem is not entirely sure how to define each AI any suggestions? as want to have what each AI/Worker is doing driving/stuck/tipping/filling etc etc my brain has died lol
im using bits from the PATHVEHICLE.LUA among others ;)

Milan Lekše (Unknown) 18.03.2011 07:33
Steve I'm traying to do the same thing. I'm just at start bu I have a biger map display with position all of the vehicle arrows and angle of rotation.....

can you send me please what did you done so far - yust to geave me some idea how to do following the splines...

reklame A_T leming D_O_T biz


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