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Created18.01.2011 06:23

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 18.01.2011 06:28
Hello again, I am trying to make a 256x256 hud icon for vehicles that have the fuit type shown at lower right. I got some fruits that I can add, but some the picture does not show up on equipment, just a blank space. So what image settings are required to make the image viewable? I used Transparent background, pasted a image on a new layer at 8bits or 16bits at 256x256.

So I am stumped as to why they do not show.

Any tips/secrets? :)


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 18.01.2011 16:14
The image should be in png oder DDS DXT3 format. It should have 8bits per channel, resulting in a total of 32bits per pixel. If you have the png, you can open the Properties window of Windows (right click and select Properties) in the Details tab. There is an entry called "Bit Depth" which should be 32.

If you create DDS files, you should use DXT3 as the compression format if you have an binary alpha channel (which you normal have for this kind of image) and DXT1 if you have no alpha channel.

The size 256x256 is correct.

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