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Created28.01.2011 21:20 ;] (Unknown) 28.01.2011 21:22
How I can change a local multi in script - dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/CutterAreaEvent.lua ??

On hectare I get 30 000 l wheat... Lexion 770...

Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 28.01.2011 22:39
I wont change anything in the original script files.. Reason= the multiplayer could fuck up.

So you better dont edit anything in it ;)

But what do you want to do ? ;] (Unknown) 29.01.2011 10:44
When I haveresting Lexion 770 I get looots of wheat...
I want to change this... In FS 2009 was possible.

Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 29.01.2011 10:51
But whats so bad about getting more wheat ? you wanna set the capicity of the harvester or what ?

Or how much it gets in per meter or something ?

And is it a mod or what ? ;] (Unknown) 29.01.2011 12:00
Sorry for my English...

I use a hard profile, but I get a lots of wheat...
I want to change litres of hectar.

I solve my problem!
Soon I made mod for us!

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