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Cant save i3d in zip file

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Created06.02.2011 18:01

John Degn Jessen (Unknown) 06.02.2011 18:04
I have a problem, since this morning i suddenly can not save, or infact i can save but saved i3d files, does not change, when i open the file again it's without the changes i have made, i have had sevaeral suggestions, : save as, rename file etc. none of these seems to have any effect at all, the i3d file is NOT write only.
Has any one encountered this problem ? and is there a remedy ?

i'm running windows 7 32bit

John Degn Jessen (Unknown) 06.02.2011 18:44
Solution found, you can NOT have ANY files remotely similar to a mod file i3d anywhere on your desktop, not in folders, zipped or in trashcan, must be totally cleread, and then ONLY have the current one you are working on.

It's Strange but it's true

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