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Cutter and combine in the same .i3d file ?

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Created09.02.2011 12:08

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 09.02.2011 12:08

I'm trying to script a mod that requires both the combine and the cutter in the same .i3d file.
I've seen in the script documentation that you wrote " It reacts both to steerable and attachable events" in the cutter.lua script.
What does that actually mean ?

What would be the best way to proceed ?
1: add "cutter" in the vehicleType list of the combine and keep the cutter and the combine in the same .i3d file. ( Then, how do I manage the attacher between them ? )
2: make separate "cutter" and "combine" .i3d file, buy them ingame and use a script to automaticaly attach them when the game is loaded ?

Thanks for your advices.

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 03.03.2011 21:04
Hi GIANTS team,

A little up.
Any help on this question, please ? :)


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