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g_client:sendEvent ?

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Created09.02.2011 21:13

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 09.02.2011 21:15
what is the use of this , for instance Stefan gave me this (thanks you for that by the way)

if self:getIsActiveForInput() and InputBinding.hasEvent(InputBinding.TOGGLE_BLINKING) then
self.doBlink = not self.doBlink;
setVisiblity(self.blinkLight, false);
self.blinkTimer = 500;

but what is the advantage to this , is it easier than having a separate function for the event or what ? if it is i would really like to know as it will save me a lot of time ,

all help would be gracefully accepted , thanks.

Dirk Buck (Unknown) 11.02.2011 20:17
This is for sending the blink event to the gamehost, who will broadcast it to all other clients.

Is is importent, so all clients can see that you have start/stop blinking.

But you should only sendevent when the player who starts/stop blinking is the client. When server you should broadcast the event.

Look in some other mod luas for doing this.


Brent Sanner (Unknown) 27.08.2012 18:40
having problem loading to my new computer my other on crashed and need to reload to new computer and it keeps asking for product key code and i have tried the one in the box and that one does not work so what should i do

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