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Tipping trailer any were but with out tipping contents out?

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Created16.02.2011 13:00

James Smith (Unknown) 16.02.2011 13:02

Is it possible to make the trailer tip up by using i dunno arrow keys, but when you tip it doesnt go from down to tip full you can control how far it tips?

It makes it easier when your reversing when looking inside the cab?
And when it's over a tip trigger, it either automatically emptys when its tipped, or if its not tipped you press Q like normal..?

I've seen somnething similar on another trailer but you press B and it fully tips, but I want to control how far it tips.


Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 16.02.2011 17:14

It will be something with rotating it by controlling with buttons :)

im not sure how to make it but its possible to tip the trailer :)

but im not sure if you can make it empty the stuff inside :)

James Smith (Unknown) 16.02.2011 23:34
No no, I don't mean make it empty the stuff in side, i mean If you tip it up using buttons, when you are a tip trigger, when the icon appears, you press Q and i tips all the way like normally when you tip a trailer at a trigger. :D

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