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Created03.03.2011 07:39

Thorsten Müller (Unknown) 03.03.2011 07:45

i have definded the following block in the xml definition of my mod:

<part name="deichsel" upSpeed="1" downSpeed="-1" keyUp="KEY_1" keyDown="KEY_2"/>

Now i want use the Inputbindung.hasEvent() with the xml entry keyUp and keyDown to start the animation.

Is there a function in the inputbinding.lua to convert a string key into a input key?

Thanks a lot

Thomas H. (Patar) 05.03.2011 10:34
you can get the string from the xml-file with:

self.keyUp = getXMLString(xmlFile,"vehicle.part# keyUp")
self.keyDown = getXMLString(xmlFile,"vehicle.part# keyDown")

and use hasEvent:

if Inputbindung.hasEvent(self.keyUp) then

if Inputbindung.hasEvent(self.keyDown) then

I think that should work, but i'm not sure.

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